Monday, July 7, 2014

Are Responsive Emails Necessary?

Does this seem familiar: You receive an email on your phone that is formatted so badly, you delete without reading?

According to Litmus, 51% of emails are now opened on a mobile phone.  If you are sending conventional emails you might want to consider that 80% of viewers will delete the email if not designed responsively ( BlueHornet Survey: ).  If that's not bad enough, 30% said they will unsubscribe.  Your business simply can not afford to lose this customer base.  

On the plus side is the fact that the survey found nearly 2 of every 3 viewers will make a purchase as a result of viewing an email.  Responsive Web Design (RWD) techniques are not just for web pages anymore, and your business can greatly benefit from emails designed responsively.

At Apex Web Creations, we can solve your email problems and give you a jump on the competition which send conventional emails.  By using RWD, we can quickly and inexpensively design your emails for visitors with any device. 

Our team has been designing exclusively in RWD over the past year, which has allowed us to specialize in RWD and keep our costs (and yours) down.  For more information and a complementary assessment of your current emails, click on the links above

We look forward to your increase in business.
     - Mike
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